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Belgrade Blockchain week slide

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Hello! Slides for my various ethbelgrade talks! “Async aware programming” got fugged up when exporting and is missing slides which sucks :/

There is no undefined; I own you

What the huff

Note: This was a meme talk done last minute.

Async aware programming

Note: missing like 10 slides

Vukašin Gostović

Im makemake and I like it when people put blocks in a chain and turn that into a database. Love building useful programs and anything infra. I like reading about psychology, sociology, and philosophy. I have been making computers do stuff since i was ~11 years old. Rust is pretty cool. I'll mostly be writing about Ethereum and blockchains as that's what my time is mostly preocupied by. Feel free to reach out via my links below if you have any inquiries!