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Im makemake and I like it when people put blocks in a chain and turn that into a database. Love building useful programs and anything infra. I like reading about psychology, sociology, and philosophy. I have been making computers do stuff since i was ~11 years old. Rust is pretty cool. I'll mostly be writing about Ethereum and blockchains as that's what my time is mostly preocupied by. Feel free to reach out via my links below if you have any inquiries!

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5 min read

This is a draft lite-paper thing for StateNET, a stateful implementation of state channels. While other state channel solutions have basic fraud proving mechanics, StateNET allows for full on touring complete fraud proofs. This makes them usable for DeFi, gaming, storage (think SIA), and more!

7 min read

Yesterday, I announced Blutgang, the fastest load balancer and cache for Ethereum. The response has been excellent! I hope you enjoy Blutgang as much as I enjoyed building it.

12 min read

There has been quite a lot of discourse around Lido and Ethereum staking. Everyone is split into two camps. Those who praise Lido for enabling easy access to Eth yield, and those who say Lido will send all of our bags straight to zero, as well as send Japanese yakuza to murder you and your family for using it.

10 min read

I often see various claims on social media about what blockchains can be used for. From settlement and real-world asset management to AI and permanent monkey jpeg storage. For an uninformed onlooker, not even world hunger is out of the equation. I made this blog to share my thoughts on blockchain-related topics. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend of people trying to fit blockchains into places where they really shouldn’t be.